Ethnobotanical Anthelmintics for Free Range Native Chickens

Ma. Sylvia I. Ozaraga, Maryneth B. Barrios


Intestinal parasites in chicken are rampant in the tropics. Gastrointestinal helminth infection is common among ranged chickens in the tropics. These affect the health and production performance of the birds. Artificially produced anthelmintics are expensive and birds which receive them are less desirable for human consumption. Use of synthetic anthelmintics to control gastrointestinal helminth infection is not only expensive but also raises the concern on chemical residues in meat. An alternative organic substitute is needed. Hence, this study was conducted at the Darag Native Chicken Sub-station at the College of Veterinary Medicine of Capiz State University, Dumarao, Capiz to determine the efficacy of ipil-ipil seeds, betel nut and their combination in reducing roundworms in native chicken. Seventy-five roundworm-infected Darag native chickens aging 5 months and above were used as experimental animals in each study. Experimental animals were divided into 5 treatments with 3 replications having 5 chickens per replicate. Results of the studies reveal that the use of the powdered ipil-ipil seeds is effective against roundworms in native chickens. Birds treated with 6 g/kg body weight (bw) are comparable with the birds treated with the commercial drug. The use of the powdered betel nut is effective against roundworms in native chickens. Birds treated with 6 g/kg bw are comparable with the birds treated with commercial dewormer. The use of combined formulated ethnobotanical specifically 2 g/kg (bw) of formulated ipil-ipil and Betel nut is effective in treating roundworms of Darag native chickens and are comparable with the effect of commercial dewormer. The ethnobotanical anthelmintic costs PhP 50.00 per kg, while the commercial dewormer costs PhP 1,190.00, having a difference of P1,140.00.


Ethnobotanicals, free range, darag native chicken, ipil-ipil, betel nut, papaya seed powder, intestinal parasites

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