Multimedia Instruction on the Achievement of Industrial Technology Students in Algebra at Capiz State University

Analene V. Roxas


This study determined how multimedia instruction affect the achievement of 1st-year industrial technology (IT) students and if there is a significant difference between multimedia and traditional instruction in the achievement result. The researcher used the Pretest - Posttest Control Group Design. The control group was taught using the traditional methods of lecturing and open class discussions while the experimental group was taught using the multimedia instruction related to the topics found in the textbook. The respondents of the study were the two sections randomly selected from the 289 industrial technology students. The data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and t-test.

The respondents of the two groups indicated essentially no difference in the pretest with the evidence of t-test result of 0.949. The respondents of the two groups indicated a big difference in the post-test with the evidence of the t-test result of 5.72. Students were motivated to learn and obtained higher scores in the achievement test using multimedia as the method of instruction.


Multimedia instruction, industrial technology, students

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