Acing College: The Achievers' Experience

Ma. Lida Arancillo Solano


“To succeed in college requires hard work, but to succeed in college with distinction requires hard work and so much more”. Obtaining a college education is one of the greatest desires of the young generation at present. Such is probably desired by most parents also, especially those who belong to the lower level of status in life and those who have not undergone formal tertiary education. Knowing the experiences of college achievers can be a basis to formulate principles that can help others to follow their track. This qualitative - narrative research was conducted to describe the personal attributes, classroom experiences, and personal strategies of the achievers. Eighty-one (81) Latin awardees answered the Open-ended questionnaire. The college achievers had a strong self-belief. Among their strengths are good values, inter-and intrapersonal skills and faith in God. To them school is a second home that develops them wholistically. Positive values and time management helped them to cope with school work, and family and God are their main motivators. They had very good interactions with teachers and engagement in school activities. Their classroom climate was good and they had a lot of school work but were of good quality and were coped through prioritization, time management and support of family, teachers and friends. To them, college life was fulfilling and challenging. They differed in their study habits but agreed that reading and reviewing before scheduled examinations is important. Supportive family and friends and classroom experiences and faith and trust in God can help a student ace his/her college education.


acing college; classroom interactions; college achievers; personal attributes; school engagement

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