S&T Model Farm on Free Range Darag Native Chicken in Dumarao, Capiz

Bede P. Ozaraga, Ma. Sylvia I. Ozaraga


Science and Technology Model Farm (STMF) on free-range Darag native chicken production showcases the recommended Science and Technology interventions leading to optimum production performance of the enterprise. The general objective was to develop and showcase the package of technologies (POT) for free-range Darag native chicken production. Promotion of the package of technologies was done through 1) seminars and training in 33 barangays of Dumarao with a total of 1,342 participants, 2) distributed 33,550 doses (67.10 kg) of botanical dewormer, 3) copyrighted 1 video and 16 IEC materials and distributed 5,368 IEC materials to local farmers, 4) registered 4 Utility Models on ethnobotanical anthelmintics for free-range chickens and 5) conducted Farmers’ Field Day and Farm cross visit at Taslan, Dumarao, Capiz, the farmer cooperator’s site. Post survey revealed that the technologies that the poultry raisers widely adopted were botanical dewormer and the adoption of a free-range management system.


Darag Native Chicken, Free-Range, S&T Model Farm

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