Production Management System and Phenotypic Characteristics of Native Goats in Capiz and Iloilo, Philippines

Bede P. Ozaraga, Ma. Sylvia I. Ozaraga


This study was conducted to gather information for the production management system and the phenotypic characteristics of native goats in the provinces of Capiz and Iloilo. Five selected towns from Capiz and six towns in Iloilo were randomly chosen as the study sites. Within each municipality, 8 barangay were chosen, with 8 respondents having a total of 704 respondents using the formula utilized by Slovin. Descriptive statistics and techniques for categorical data analysis were used in the interpretation of the results. Most goat raisers in Capiz and Iloilo are small-scale farmers, rice farmers, tenants, grazing native goats in hilly areas with natural vegetation, confined goats at night, and did not restrict the feeding and watering system. Native goats in the two provinces were resistant to several diseases, parasitic infections, and other animal threats. Native goats in the two provinces had a smooth, plain, and brown hair coat, straight horn shape, and erect ears. All native goats in Capiz and Iloilo are under a small-scale farming system but with slight variations in the phenotypic characteristics.


phenotypic characteristics, management system, native goats, goat production

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